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British Dependency Traveled To St. Kitts
Written by Anguilla   
Saturday, 24 December 2011 18:23

British dependency

British dependencyAnguilla’s very own British dependency or “BD” traveled to St. Kitts for their very first time as a band. The band members may all be young, but these unique individuals each adds versatility, which makes them stand out even more. This band is a blend of remarkable players namely: Ruel Richardson: Guitarist and singer, Jaiden Fleming: Percussion and Joyah Gumbs the unique female Bass player. They also have the support of their founder and manager, Mr. Davon Carty as well as Anguilla Access independent press.



Ruel Richardson

Ruel Richardson says this is the first serious band that he has been in and he enjoys the company of his fellow musicians. Ruel was born in St. Kitts but resides in Anguilla. He enjoys singing and playing his guitar. Jaiden is the quiet one until he sits behind the drums and was describe to be very responsible, and is doing a great job balancing school and his musical career. He has a real passion for playing the drums. Joyah Gumbs is the female bass player which has shocked numerous people, not just because she is a great bass player nor the fact that she is a woman but more so that she was self taught. Joyah said she taught herself by reading books and practicing. Joyah is said to be, perhaps the first native female bass player to make it to a stage with her harmonious sounds and funky moves.



Ruel Richardson expressed their music as diverse with different elements put together with a fusion of genres that include reggae, rock, blues and jazz amongst others. In 2009 they released their first album titled ‘Which Way Is Up’ and they are now on the verge of releasing their second album ‘Veneration’.


The band performed at a number of venues in Anguilla like Pump House, Veya, Smokey’s and the big stage at Moon Splash and they rocked the house. While they were in St. Kitts they performed at venues such as Shiggidy Shack on Tuesday 20th December 2011, Masud Sadiki album launch Wednesday 21st December 2011 at Sprat Net, Thursday 22nd December 2011 at the Spice Mill Restaurant at the South East Peninsular. The band has performed at many gigs, apart from their regular schedule in their home town Anguilla. They have played at the Dune Preserve Anguilla, Carnival shows, the annual Jazz festival held in Anguilla and The West Indies Music Fest which is an annual event the band recently established.


Joyah Gumbs

The band came down mainly to partake in fellow musician Masud Sadiki album release. Masud is accountable for bringing the band to the Federation. According to their manager Davon Carty, he has known Masud for several years. He said they both decided to work together, because they both have the same vision of “getting out of arts and getting for the art”. He said their aim is to get more done in the region with their newly formed regional exchange programme. Davon Carty said besides coming to St. Kitts to perform, they also brought several pieces of equipment as a gift for Masud to use, how he sees fit to benefit the St. Kitts music industry.


This is not the first time the band has travel out of Anguilla. They have performed in Guadeloupe and New Jersey and are looking into doing a UK and or regional tour. This was BD first time traveling to St. Kitts as a band and they enjoyed it and will soon be back again. The band members said they have faced challenges but none that has made them give up.


The band was being covered by a well known group in Anguilla called Anguilla Access. They attended all the gigs that the band played, with their still and video camera. This group is branded for their promotion of Anguilla through their images and videos and the many websites and facebook pages. They are well-known for helping Anguilla and showing the world that Anguilla has so much to offer, next to the best beaches and amazing food.


As Caribbean people our music is inspired by traditions as well as influences. We are rooted yet capable of taking flight. British Dependency’s arrangements are not only drawn from their lived culture but also from their dreams. British Dependency “BD” is represented as a band that plays moving, original music which paints a story for listeners to feel the excitement and passion behind the root, heart, and soul.



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